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Whether you are looking to add a brand new chimney or rebuild an old, unused unit, the experts at Apex Construction & Masonry can help. When it comes to the construction of a chimney, there are many things to consider that a general contractor might overlook. Chimneys are a tightly balanced system that requires expertise in order to function properly.

Proper Ventalation

When it comes to chimneys, experience is paramount. Our team has an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of a chimney and know what works to build a chimney that will last. There is a delicate balance of airflow that must be achieved to allow a chimney to properly vent smoke and deadly carbon monoxide out of your home.

Designed To Enhance

Here at Apex Construction & Masonry, we thoroughly understand a chimney must function properly, but know it can also be a great focal point to your home. Our chimney designs can take elements of your surrounding and pull the overall design of the home together. Some chimney walls are exposed in the interior and exterior of the home.

Rebuild Your Old Chimney

Many older homes in Western New York have chimneys and fireplaces that haven’t been used in years and have been allowed to fall into such a state of disrepair that they seem physically unusable. We can restore or rebuild the chimney and hearth to bring warmth and design to your space.

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Fully Custom Built Chimneys

At Apex Construction & Masonry, our priority is with functionality and safety — but just as importantly we design the chimney with your ideas to reflect your personality. Our mason workers will work with you to make sure that the fireplace and chimney system we build meets your needs both functionally and cosmetically. We’ll combine our knowledge of chimney systems with your lifestyle preferences and cosmetic preferences to give you a quality chimney that will last a lifetime.

Custom Stone Work

Apex Construction & Masonry are team of very experienced and seasoned mason workers. Our unique designs and masonry workmanship is at a very high standard. Since 2003 we have provided quality masonry, tile, rock and stone work for the residential and commercial exteriors and interiors of Western New York. Our commitment to quality and our service is second to none. Fireplaces, chimneys, pillars, walls, and patios are some of the masonry projects we have completed for customers. River rock, split fieldstone, building stone and flagstone lend their beauty to create many different design styles.

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