Concrete Countertops

A Distinctive Addition

Concrete has a cosmetic warmth, natural beauty and tactile quality. Custom concrete countertops can be a distinctive addition to any kitchen, bathroom, restaurant, or bar. Our concrete countertops are custom built to your design needs and specifications and can be altered in a wide variety of finishes and colors that will create a bold and complimentary look.

A Bold, New Look

For those who desire a countertop that stands apart from common surfaces, concrete is the answer. If your countertop option have only included granite, tile, synthetic surfaces and quartz, then it’s time to bring custom concrete countertops into the consideration.

Growing In Popularity

Concrete countertops are becoming mainstream because of their benefits and beauty. Concrete brings the durabilty of a hard stone and a unique look that can’t be replicated. No other countertop material offers the unlimited color and finish options that concrete does.

Endless Color Options

Some of the most popular colors are warm browns, and clean grays. Some homeowners take this attribute to the next level and create very unique custom colors. You may want to match your countertop to the white cabinets in your kitchen. With concrete, you can do that! Some contemporary homes feature blue & white concrete countertops, wine-colored burgundy kitchen countertops, or waterfall edge islands.

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A Durable Material

Concrete is extremely hard and resists chipping and scratching. It will last for decades with a minimum amount of basic maintenance. You probably won’t have to replace it until you’re ready for a new look in the kitchen or bathroom decades down the road.

Looks Good & Easy To Maintain

Our concrete countertops will change your image of concrete. What can be done with them is truly amazing, and the results add class and distinction to the kitchen, island, bathroom or bar. Concrete maintenance requires you to reseal your countertops every few years, but it’s a quick and easy job. When done right, the countertops won’t stain or harbor bacteria. They’ll clean up quickly with warm water and soap.

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