Stained Concrete

Decorative Concrete Floors

Stained concrete floors are in high demand. You’ve probably noticed them in grocery stores, local offices, walkways and restaurants. They are also very popular in residential homes for driveways and walkways.


Stained concrete floors have a unique and original finish. They highlight the concrete material adding depth and color schemes.

Low Maintenance

Regular cleaning and sealing systems will provide long term life for your floor.

Color Options

The Concrete stain will provide earth tones of dark to light browns, greens and light blues. Dyes are available for custom colors to match your house or your surroundings.

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Looking For Versatility?

Stained concrete flooring is a uniquely versatile format where an unlimited number of color and finishes can be applied. Apex Construction & Masonry has the ability to achieve a range of styles from elegant to rustic and from modern to industrial.  Concrete can only be transformed by true professionals with the experience to achieve a beauty reflective of nature. Stained concrete is a great investment yet affordable way to add a wow factor to your space.

Multiple Application Possibilities

Stained concrete has many application possibilities due to it’s large color options and the versatility of the material. Outdoor patios and walkways are popular among homeowners and lobbies and retaining walls are common with business properties. All options are available for both interior and exterior uses and require very little maintenance.

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